Published Fiction.

A staggering tower of microachievement!


Here are most of the stories I've had published in the last few years. They're in rough order from old to new. If you only have a few minutes, I recommend you pick one of the newest five at random.

Leaf Garden - Two stories

Down in the Dirt - Two stories

Eunoia Review - Instructions for a Better Life

Ramshackle Review - Downtime

The Adroit Journal - Spectacles

The Bicycle Review - Eldest

First Stop Fiction - In Defense of Sweaters (publication run by yours truly - blatant favoritism!)

In Between Altered States - In Law Alone

Negative Suck - Learning How to Move

Subtle Fiction - Sushi Dissolves

Hoot - A Proposal for Custodial Adventure

Bartleby Snopes - Issues Not with Loneliness

Ampersand Review - This Year's Lesson

Pure Slush - Please RSVP

Cease, Cows - Sleep Debt

Drunk Monkeys - An Administrative Specialist's Apology


So far there's only one of these! And it's super personal, but I'll link you to it anyway. I have some things on the back burner I may toss up here soon, too.

Red Fez - A Work In Progress

First Stop Fiction

First Stop Fiction publishes endings with stories. It's been going for a while. Maybe you should read it?


For a while I wrote a story every day and read them for the internet. Also one time I made a Homestuck fan video. So, um, what are you waiting for?


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