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Speedrunning is a hobby in which a person plays a video game as quickly as they can. I speedrun several games. Some are games that are good enough for other people to speedrun them. Others are games that few, if any, other people have run. Guess which sort of game I have more exceptional times for?

Future Tactics: The Uprising1:51:20 (world record, did all routing)

Word Realms1:06:17 (pretty good time, did most routing)

I Wanna Be the Guy glitchless - 53:18 (unexceptional time for a popular and extremely challenging speed game)

I also have done speedruns for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Ocarina of Time (in under 2 hours, several years ago), Majora's Mask, and Skyward Sword. I don't have recording of those worth sharing right now, but rest assured I have spent many hours trying to get Link/Samus to go extra fast.

Writing about Games

I write about games sometimes, largely speedrunning and competitive Smash Bros. Here are links to all my short essays on video games on Tumblr. More literary works about video games are listed first, followed by more technical works about other sorts of games. Be warned that this is my personal Tumblr, so you may find sassy posts about break ups three years ago or whatever. Actually, I think there's only one of those. So you'd have to be quite the sleuth to find it. You might also find pictures like this.

Speedrunning Theory - Speedrunning, Glitches, and Cheating

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VGHS Season One Review - Video Game High School and Ladies

Twilight Princess Opening Credits - The Saddest Thing

Essay about skills floors and ceilings, with Monopoly as a case study - Two Dogmas of Empiricism Game Skill

Probabilities of landing on a Monopoly within two die throws - Monopoly Landing Probabilities

Terrain of one-letter permutations of four-letter words - Actually Pretty Fun?!

Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe - Personal Ruleset and Preliminary Exploration

Senior Thesis

Back in undergrad, I wrote a senior thesis. The third chapter of it is all about Super Smash Bros. and various levels of Super Smash Bros. competitive play. The earlier parts are about reasons to get into an argument, which I find interesting. Most of its sources are from feminist epistemology. You can check it out here.

First Stop Fiction

First Stop Fiction publishes endings with stories. It's been going for a while. Maybe you should read it?


For a while I wrote a story every day and read them for the internet. Also one time I made a Homestuck fan video. So, um, what are you waiting for?


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