As in -graphy, not -logy

Early Life

Justis Mills was a baby for a while. One time he got his finger stuck against a can lid, and it was pretty traumatic for his dad. He doesn't remember that, though. He moved to Indiana when he was still too small to make lasting memories, so his dad could get his PhD. Then he moved to New Orleans. Then he moved to Tallahassee. By then he was a little kid, rather than a baby.

As a baby, Justis became obsessed with the number eight. This obsession has endured to the present.

High School

Justis Mills graduated with an IB Diploma from James S. Rickards High School, which he is contractually obligated to brag about until he dies. He wrote four books while he was there, and no, you may not read them.


Justis Mills went to New College of Florida, the public honors college of the state. It has about a thousand students, so he met most of them. His Area of Concentration was Philosophy, but he also took several classes in Math and Economics, with a smattering of Computer Science, Writing, and Religion courses. New College doesn't typically offer writing classes, so he took those in California and Germany over summers. New College doesn't have GPAs, so he can't brag about that. There is instead an academic contract system, though, and he did pass all his contracts.

In his fourth year, Justis wrote a senior thesis and taught a class about Flash Fiction. He was kinda-sorta qualified to do this because he'd been running First Stop Fiction for a couple years at that point, and also there were a lot of students who wanted writing classes to be offered. He had a lot of fun.

Justis also wrote three more books, a trilogy about evil business suits and teens growing up, during college. If you're pals with Justis, and you ask nicely, you can read those.

Post College

Justis graduated from college in May of 2013, and moved back to Tallahassee. Shortly after, he started editing for the well named Cease, Cows, which he doesn't do anymore. Hewas a GRE, SAT, ACT, and LSAT tutor at Solution Skills for a while.If you want to know more about his tutoring, look over here. Now he's a software developer at Infinity Software, where he's been since January 2016.

Justis wrote a book called Eight and a choose-your-own-adventure style story called Nine. You can read the latter of these here. He hopes you will, and that you'll let him know what thoughts and feelings it gave you.

First Stop Fiction

First Stop Fiction used to publish endings with stories. It published new ones for about five years. Maybe you should read it?


For a while I wrote a story every day and read them for the internet. Also one time I made a Homestuck fan video. So, um, what are you waiting for?


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